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This is an interactive event. Brought back to life through acting, slides, and stories, Leonardo will instruct you in creativity principles that form the core of his genius. These principles are as applicable today as they were over 500 years ago. Writers, scientists, musicians, cartoonists, managers, filmmakers, comedians, inventors, entrepreneurs–anyone who loves creativity will find Da Vinci's advice invaluable. Imagine being able to sit in Da Vinci's studio as he explains his way of thinking that puts him on the top 10 list of the most creative individuals of all time.

This is also an opportunity to get to know Da Vinci on a personal level—what made him tick?

  • Did you know he was the Steven Spielberg of the Renaissance?

  • How did the Black Plague contribute to his creativity?

  • Why do some call him the world's greatest procrastinator, and is it an apt description?

  • What made the Mona Lisa revolutionary?

  • Why was he socially and commercially snubbed by the elite of Florence?

  • Would you believe he was a spy?

  • Why did he frequent morgues?

  • What made him start to think like a modern scientist?

Mystery surrounds Leonardo. The Italian Renaissance was a time of dangerous intrigues, and prudent men did not divulge all their secrets. Now over 500 years later he is free to tell some of his stories.

Da Vinci's genius was looking at the world in a different way. Learn how to see through Leonardo's eyes. Bring pencils and a notebook.

An Evening with Leonardo DaVinci was a tremendous hit! We saw the highest enrollments in the Arts and Humanities section come from this class during our Fall quarter.
— Anthony DeZego, Director, Community Education Short Course Programs, Foothill-De Anza Colleges


This presentation is a behind the scenes look at goal-setting. Learn a five step process for turning dreams into reality. Each step is illustrated with the events of a real life adventure.

My buddy, Dan Wright, and I start our journey in India's Great Thar Desert. We have come to buy camels. Our lack of camel buying experience leads to a number of hilarious encounters. You might compare it to two Amish farmers trying to buy property in Manhattan—from Donald Trump. As the Trumps of Humps, camel sellers offer us pregnant camels, wild camels, males that would go into a rampaging rut during the course of the trip, and mangy derelicts. Enthusiastically, we thump hocks, humps, and rumps. Eventually we purchase a mini-caravan of four camels and in the months that follow we get to know our beasts. Each has a soap opera personality—there's the worldly dowager, an arrogant schizophrenic, a befuddled moaner, and a self-esteem deprived beauty.

Now we are ready to saddle up and begin a 1,000 kilometer ride across Northern India to Nepal. The journey is adventure–filled. We face blinding desert sandstorms, walk barefoot through a temple swarming with rats, wrestle crazed camels, charm cobras, wake next to a shrine of human skulls, avoid bandits, toss flowers into the Ganges, and stand under a full moon with machine guns aimed at our heads.

There is also a humanitarian side to the story. In many countries, children work alongside their parents during daylight hours. If they wish to study, they do so at night by the light of kerosene lamps. An evening spent studying over a kerosene lamp is equivalent to smoking two packs of cigarettes. Both mothers and their children suffer health problems if they wish to become literate. Our sponsor, the Light Up the World foundation, provided us with a solar powered lighting system. Come along as we bring high-tech lighting to the remote village of Dwar Mala.

Finally, there is an educational component. Our sponsors, Iridium Satellite and Panasonic Computers, provided the gear for maintaining a mobile internet site. Students around the world shared in the cultural, scientific, geographical, and adventure aspects of our journey.

You'll laugh and learn, be horrified, and delighted with the stories that make up this adventure in goal-setting.

Schedule this lecture for your group. Learn about goal-setting techniques that turn dreams into reality and share in a great adventure at the same time.