Jim Wiltens seeks out individuals with remarkable skills. Then he distills those skills into teachable talents. He works with both corporate and academic (e.g., student, teacher, parent) audiences. Choose a button to the left to find out what workshops, seminars, and keynotes are available for your audience.

Comments from Clients:

"Our team helps the GOOGLE advertising sales force remember all the changes in Google's technologies. It's a difficult task, but made much simpler with Jim Wiltens' memorable techniques."
-Debbie Newhouse, Google product trainer

"I had great feedback from everyone on your Adventures in Goal Setting program. You did a wonderful and entertaining job and we want you back for another program."
-Randy Gabrielson, Executive VP Cornish and Carey

"Jim's knowledge, motivation, and presentation skills are remarkable. With an instructor of his caliber we simply need more time with him. Please get him to do more workshops."
-From evaluation reports from Stanford University employees

"Recently Jim spoke with our staff about optimism. They were frantically taking notes, ready to apply what they learned. Conversations in the hallway were about the session and how to apply what was learned the next day."
-Julianne Topliff, principal

"As I write this, I'm getting ready to fly on the NASA "vomit comet" where I will be weightless, testing hardware I designed. Using the goal setting techniques I learned as a teen from Jim, I'm working towards a PhD by age 25, engineering equipment for manned space exploration, and helping build 500 fresh water drinking systems for African villages."
-Evan Thomas, past student

"Our GATE students were thrilled by Secrets of a Super Memory. Not only did they learn a great deal, they also had fun."
-Karen Schimmelpfennig-Damp GATE program coordinator.

"A parent gave me a hug in a coffee shop because she was so happy about skills her children were bringing home from the leadership classes I booked with Jim."
-Parent coordinator

"The material you are presenting is so important, I wish all kids could have this type of "EQ" (emotional intelligence training)."
-Heather Nelson, parent

"My son took such an interest in your classes last year and really internalized your message. This year he counted the hours till your first presentation."
-Juliette Faraco, parent

"I want to thank you for the inspiring teaching that my daughter and I received from you 4 years ago. My daughter and I still talk about the concepts you conveyed so engagingly and how they have endured the test of time."
-Linda, parent

"I've had a stroke and had to retrain my brain. I was amazed in the Secrets of a Super Memory class. We were challenged to memorize names of the people attending. It felt like a daunting task, but Jim's techniques worked for me. It felt like a door opened to another part of my brain. Even a day later I can recall the student's names."

"Everyone was thrilled with the work you did with the kids. The fourth and fifth graders are jazzed about goal-setting. You got a 100% endorsement."
Linda Kakes, principal Simonds School

"I attended a speaking date with Las Madras on Positive Parenting 3 years ago. It had a big impact on the way I communicate with my son and people in general."
-Samantha, parent

"Your workshop on leadership was the best I've ever attended. You showed my son that how he presents himself and how he communicates are keys to realizing bigger goals. He now sees leadership as a learnable skill–like learning math or science."
Susan Robinson, parent

"Both my brother and I attended your classes and were so inspired that we helped start an elementary school in Usa River, Tanzania. We started with a lemonade stand and bake sales to fundraise $100 or first year for books and supplies. Since that time we have not stopped and the school has a water pump, internet and computer access, a self-sustaining garden to feed the kids during break and we're working on a new jungle gym. This all has a lot to do with your life lessons."
-Elizabeth Wagstaff, past student

"I attended your Secrets of a Super Memory class. It was truly amazing and life changing. I never realized how to use my brain to make it do what I want in terms of memory. I've been working daily to remember people's names with great success. I've also started using it at work to remember key info relevant to my business. I'm also taking on the challenge of memorizing a book."
-Deena Goldfield