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Camels, Skulls, and Cobras:
A Wild Ride Across India

Camels, Skulls and Cobras$14.95. Paperback, 270 pages.

Two travelers unknowingly enter a restricted area in the Thar Desert of India near the India-Pakistan border. Their goal is to buy four camels. The camels they end up with include a mean-spirited step sister, a haughty dowager, a flawed beauty, and a long-suffering doofus.

When word gets out that two foreigners plan to ride their camels across India, heads start shaking. It is a crazy idea. These two know little about camels, hardly speak the language, and have picked a difficult route. It only gets wilder as they learn how to apologize to a deadly cobra, discover the drawbacks of desert fame, and find out how unpredictable camels can be.

There are many surprises that keep the two adventurers using their wits, whether they are figuring out how to keep water buffalo from stomping a charitable gift into the ground, trying to politely avoid shaking hands with a leper, or dealing with machine guns aimed at their heads. Their most precarious predicaments are often equally hilarious.


memory smart

$29.95. Paperback, 379 pages.

It’s vital for reading comprehension. Science classes demand it. It’s a requirement to do well in math. Without it history is a blur. Memory ability impacts every class a child takes. It is a marvelous and universal academic skill and the most neglected.

Parents and teachers, learn how to coach children on 9 memory enhancing skills. You don’t have to be a memory whiz to be a memory coach. Teach the skills and develop your memory wizardry alongside your student. Step-by-step directions explain how to present memory skills and school subjects at the same time. Games, activities, and over 400 illustrations help you teach children how to concentrate and remember school subjects. You know the huge difference reading literacy makes, discover the amazing things you can do when you are memory literate. Some chapters from Memory Smart:

  • Multiplication tables in a week
  • Spell like a national spelling bee champion
  • How to memorize a book
  • Remember names with the say, see, stick system
  • Four habits that make or break your memory
Memory Smart cover

Snap! spanish nouns: deck 1

$12.00. 48 playing cards.

Learn 48 Spanish nouns in minutes playing the card game SNAP! While playing SNAP! players discover the fastest way to learn words in a foreign language. This game has proven popular with elementary, middle, and high school students as well as adult audiences at organizations like Stanford University and Google. Play the game that will have you laughing, feeling energized, and learning all at the same time.

Each box includes:

  • 48 playing cards
  • 4 translation cards
  • A booklet explaining the game


goal express! SOLD OUT!

$9.95. Paperback, 84 pages.


The five secrets of goal-setting success.

Step-by-step, Goal Express! shows you how to turn your dreams into reality. Learn the 5 skills used by people who achieve goals. Whatever your dream, Goal Express! will take you there. If you want to inspire young people to set goals and show them concrete ways of making their dreams become reality, then you want Goal Express!

  • Discover the goal-setting secret that helped Dave Scott earn the reputation as one of the world's toughest athletes.
  • Benefit from the goal-setting advice of Michael Cookson. His vision, to build toys that build self-esteem, turned into a $40-million company in just 4 years.
  • Find out how a teen uses the "pencil test" to check the reality of her goals. Then check your goals.
  • Meet the real Indiana Jones. Master the goal-setting skill John Goddard started using at age 15.
  • Share scientist Sally Fox's attitude about obstacles and you will change your world.

An entertaining book that shows you how to travel first class and have the life of your dreams.
- Lynn Berardo, Editor, Bay Area Parent News Magazine

The principles in this book will benefit anyone who wants to do more than dream about life's adventures.
- John Goddard, recipient of Encyclopedia Britannica Achievement in Life Award and first explorer to kayak the length of the Nile River

I wish I had the Goal Express! 30 years ago.
Cybil Shepherd, actress

My son read it with me. We enjoyed it immensely. The person who puts the ideas of Goal Express! into action will almost certainly have a rich, full life, and won't look back wistfully some day and sigh, 'I wish I had?'
- Judith Lipsett, Managing Editor, OUR KIDS magazine, Texas

Join the goal-getters. Goal Express! is your ticket for an unusual train ride. Travel with real people who have developed the extraordinary power to design their futures.

Goal Express Cover


no more nagging, nit-picking AND nudging SOLD OUT!

$9.95. Paperback, 190 pages.

A guide to motivating, inspiring, and influencing kids aged 10-18.

  • No more nagging–learn how to get inside kids' heads so that you can be heard.
  • No more nit-picking–make changes in behavior without making waves.
  • No more nudging–create self-propelled kids by tapping into the 6 driving forces behind children's behavior.

Discover why parents call No More Nagging, Nit-picking, & Nudging a clear, creative, and upbeat approach to parenting. Successful methods used by families, teachers, and coaches as well as recent research have been condensed into this state of the art system for inspiring, motivating, and influencing kids. Packed with practical solutions, stories, and illustrations. An excellent reference source to simplify the job of being a parent.

Upbeat, practical, and creative, the fuel I need to get back on track as a parent of a teen.
Lois Anderson, Director Fresh Perspectives Parenting Workshop

Jim Wiltens is to the parents of teens what Dr. Spock was for so many years to the parents of babies. He writes with wisdom and practicality.
- Lynn Berardo, Editor, Bay Area Parent News Magazine

I enjoyed sharing your ideas with friends and relatives. It's the kind of book I want everyone to pick up and read.
- Sunny Toy, parent

I would definitely recommend this book to parents of teens and I would definitely read it more than once.
Rod Wong, teacher, Bellarmine College Preparatory School

No More Nagging Cover

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